From Hell’s heart, I email thee

OS 2 Upgrade

My feelings about various email servers I’ve had to do battle with over the years are well known to those people who have worked with me. Imagine my surprise to receive an email that began like this:

OS2 wasn’t enough for me, I feel the need to go the whole hog and get IBM’d*!
As it happens I am now officially using Notes instead of outlook, it’s weird in here! So for technipolitical reasons I do not wish to try and explain, I now have to fight with the spell checker to send emails :o)

This is from one of the smartest programmers (and for that matter, network people) it has been my pleasure to work with and train. He also likes a bit of a wind-up at times, so I check the headers…

Notes? Hmmm.. *checks headers* “X-Mailer: Lotus Notes Release 7.0.3 September 26, 2007”

I know it’s a good solid product from a technical perspective. I know its incredibly powerful. But I’m sorry, it just makes life difficult for users and administrators. The sooner this product dies the better.

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  1. Our school district is presently using Domino/Notes. In a past life, I wrangled with Exchange, but even Outlook isn’t nearly the beast Notes client is. Yes, Notes should die, and I wouldn’t mind much if it took the Lotus SmartSuite along with it.

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